More Testimonials

           I have Arthritis. Now I am mainly free of pain which I feel due to my drinking glasses of water diluted it with Septillion Alkaline Water  Concentrate. I claim I can not live without it.

                  Joseph of Stockton California
                     Independent Business Owner      
 I am a retired US Army. I always in and out of the VA Hospital located at Portland Oregon. My wife showed up from her trip in Las Vegas and I started drinking water with drops of Septillion Alkaline Water Concentrate. Now I love it and think everyone should drink it.  I quit smoking too.
                                                             Jerry of Rainier Oregon
                                               Retired US Army
I have hypertension, high blood and I swear by this water I am feeling energetic.
                Helen of Stockton California
 I was a HUGE skeptic - at first. But after drinking the water for few weeks, it did change my life. No more chronic fatigue, no more depression, 15 pounds + lighter, and so much happier.''
           Daisy Mea of Portland Oregon
            Business Owner
 I have machine at home for my alkaline water. But I can not carry with me all the time. I am 80 years old. Healthy and Kicking because of my water intake.

Alta of Vallejo California
Retired Teacher          
 I have been suffering from gout for a long time and the attacks were getting worst. My wife was getting worried about my condition and started sharing the articles about Alkaline water and Acidic water. I am now a testimony of pain free.

Beltran of Las Vegas Nevada
Business Owner